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4theFile Privacy Policy


4theFile is owned and operated by Purplewire, LLC. Our Privacy Policy is based on this simple idea: your data belongs to you, and we won't use it for anything other than normal operation of the 4theFile system, or expose it to anyone else -- except those people with whom you've shared your Resource URL -- without your permission.

We will not share your Resource URLs with anyone, and they're not guessable (the Resource URL is chosen randomly from a space of about 218 trillion possible URLs). So if you don't share your Resource URL, nobody will see it.

Note that if you submit your Resource to a Collection owned by someone else, you are in effect sharing your Resource with that Collection owner, and with everyone with whom the Collection owner shares their Collection.

Protecting Others' Privacy

If you post a 4theFile Resource in a public forum, consider the effect of your actions on others. Purplewire and 4theFile.com have no control over what you post as long as it doesn't violate our Terms of Use, but consider that people mentioned in your Resource may not want their full names and email addresses posted. When in doubt, use the Redact feature to obscure any potentially sensitive information.

Purplewire and 4theFile.com reserve the right to delete or redact any Resource which we feel is clearly offensive or libelous as discussed in our Terms of Use. However, we will take this action only in extreme cases. If you have been mentioned in a 4theFile Resource posted by someone else, and would prefer that you were not, please ask the Resource owner to correct the situation.

Information Collected

During the course of normal operation of the 4theFile system, we may accumulate some data from and about you, including:

We consider this, and all other data supplied by you but not specifically mentioned, to be your property, and we won't use it for anything except as directly relates to operation of the system as described in the Disclosure section below.

Information Disclosure

We may... We will not...


You must have cookies enabled in your browser to effectively use the 4theFile system when logged in as a registered user. Cookies are small bits of data related to your current application session that are stored in your browser. We do not use any "third party cookies" or "web bugs" that can be used by third-party marketing firms to track your usage of our system. Cookies are not required to access the public URLs for your Resources and Collections.

Search Engines

We use the Robot Exclusion Standard to request that spiders not index the content of 4theFile resources. Although the Robot Exclusion Standard is voluntary, it is followed by all reputable search engine operators, so you can be sure your Resource will not show up on any major search sites.

In addition, there is no master list of Resources or search interface on 4theFile, and Resource URLs are not guessable. Therefore, even a malicious spider can not index our entire site, only individual resources that are linked from other sites. You may want to use our Redact feature to ensure that any sensitive information (such as your email address) is not visible on in your Resource.

Security Measures

4theFile uses industry-standard practices to protect your information, including SSL encryption, firewalls, redundant storage, intrusion detection, and physical security measures.

Questions or Comments?

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, or have suggestions on how to improve it, please contact us.